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hyep^^ im born into this beautiful world on 24 April 1992. I am 20 ++ yrsold..now. I am addicted to make up, fashion & shopping. I love girls's things. And i love camera. Snap ! Snap ! Snap ! haha.. =D Loving Caring Sharing Missing Curious Understanding Gourgeous Emo thats me^^ In every second of our precious life..we need to be cool and enjoy okay ? Our life is to short for a regrets.. I am a girl with million hopes.. this blog will be some of story from my life.. I hope you all enjoy knowing about me from my simple blog . Thankyou (:
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Friday, 25 November 2011

End of Semester 3

Alhamdulillah .. i am done with my exams !! now, im free like a birds . haha =P hmm.. everything worked fine, but.. not really good. Tawakkal seja laa dengan apa yg da sy wt kn ?? i do not know..that i can score or not.. huhu .. just wait for the result. Yesterday.. i with noya n bibot checkout from d hstel after d last fnal pper Database System. Erghh! this paper arhh.. d sbjctive qstion so much killer for me . huhu , i hope for this fnal examination .. i can pass like what i did at d previous sem 1 n 2 .. even i did not get d "akj" .. I hope i will pass ! AMIN.. Anyway.. im happy coz i already out from d hstel !!! yeahhh !! this is d tym that i look foward .. hehe, back to Sabah (= hip hip hooooooooooooooooRayyyyy !!!!!! heee (=
i will back to my hometown at Tawau, Sabah tonight .. yeeehaaa !! actually i really really miss my family ... i miss to hangout and gathering with them ... da la rya hji hrtu sy x blek .. huhu .. hmm ... but, in december ... something will b hapen .. huuu ... umm ? nvrmind, juz 4get it .. whats d important thing for me is ???? to take care of my mummy ... she will b operate early next month ... nsib baek laa sy blik cti sem ni kn .. so, bley la take care of my mom ... i worried bout my mom .. i love you mom .. i hope after d operation , she will b orait
"daddy..abg pie..ur lovely dauhgter..adiek..atok..nenek and all fmly mmbers praying for you mom :)"


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