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hyep^^ im born into this beautiful world on 24 April 1992. I am 20 ++ yrsold..now. I am addicted to make up, fashion & shopping. I love girls's things. And i love camera. Snap ! Snap ! Snap ! haha.. =D Loving Caring Sharing Missing Curious Understanding Gourgeous Emo thats me^^ In every second of our precious life..we need to be cool and enjoy okay ? Our life is to short for a regrets.. I am a girl with million hopes.. this blog will be some of story from my life.. I hope you all enjoy knowing about me from my simple blog . Thankyou (:
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Thursday, 2 June 2011


hari ni ...
me n my family 8 Putatan ...
uma uncle .. 2 hari seja stay cni ,
ptg karang .. blek Tuaran lg ..
cuti kali ni mmg sgat2 bz jenjalan ..
ziarah2 fmly .. window2 shopink ! ;)

senoryta say