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hyep^^ im born into this beautiful world on 24 April 1992. I am 20 ++ yrsold..now. I am addicted to make up, fashion & shopping. I love girls's things. And i love camera. Snap ! Snap ! Snap ! haha.. =D Loving Caring Sharing Missing Curious Understanding Gourgeous Emo thats me^^ In every second of our precious life..we need to be cool and enjoy okay ? Our life is to short for a regrets.. I am a girl with million hopes.. this blog will be some of story from my life.. I hope you all enjoy knowing about me from my simple blog . Thankyou (:
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Friday, 25 November 2011

End of Semester 3

Alhamdulillah .. i am done with my exams !! now, im free like a birds . haha =P hmm.. everything worked fine, but.. not really good. Tawakkal seja laa dengan apa yg da sy wt kn ?? i do not know..that i can score or not.. huhu .. just wait for the result. Yesterday.. i with noya n bibot checkout from d hstel after d last fnal pper Database System. Erghh! this paper arhh.. d sbjctive qstion so much killer for me . huhu , i hope for this fnal examination .. i can pass like what i did at d previous sem 1 n 2 .. even i did not get d "akj" .. I hope i will pass ! AMIN.. Anyway.. im happy coz i already out from d hstel !!! yeahhh !! this is d tym that i look foward .. hehe, back to Sabah (= hip hip hooooooooooooooooRayyyyy !!!!!! heee (=
i will back to my hometown at Tawau, Sabah tonight .. yeeehaaa !! actually i really really miss my family ... i miss to hangout and gathering with them ... da la rya hji hrtu sy x blek .. huhu .. hmm ... but, in december ... something will b hapen .. huuu ... umm ? nvrmind, juz 4get it .. whats d important thing for me is ???? to take care of my mummy ... she will b operate early next month ... nsib baek laa sy blik cti sem ni kn .. so, bley la take care of my mom ... i worried bout my mom .. i love you mom .. i hope after d operation , she will b orait
"daddy..abg pie..ur lovely dauhgter..adiek..atok..nenek and all fmly mmbers praying for you mom :)"

Saturday, 5 November 2011

my 1st tym celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha in foreign country

Assalamualaikum readers. Tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji .. it is a festival celebrated by muslims around da world ! hmppp... Okay, this is my 1st tym beraya d perantauan tau .. Aidiladha is a special celebration coz, it is a day for muslims to commemorate d story of Abraham's sacrifice in fullfilling the commandment of Allah s.w.t. and to his son Nabi Ismail tolerance in fullfilling the command of Allah s.w.t. Im not hapie here :( mcm x feel jaa hri rya ni, x trsa suasana tu. tp bla dgr takbir bergema~ errr~ sayu hati ... feel like crying .. huu .. sob sob :'(  what to do ?? this is life as a student yg stdy d perntauan .. kena la trma hakikat kn ? nxt week i hve to go to class gnti .. huhuhu ... sabar sayha .. sabar okay? i hve to
b patient, yet more than 2 weeks i'll b back to Sabah .. hehe (:

msti meriah d umah atok ckrg ni .. coz, all fmly members celebrate kat sna .. huu .. im so jealous with them ! and..opkos la diurg bz wat preparation for tomorrow an? huhu,  lagi 1 ! mama msti laa msak mskan sdap2 an? huwaa .. banyak la juadah yg mama sdiakan tu .. feww !
naseb bdan laa kna brya d prntauan niii .. 
here .. my wish ..
gema takbir berkumandang memecahkan suasana ..
sayu sepi yang terasa menenagkan jiwa ..
semoga suasana itu mjd bgian d hari raya qurban ini bg kta semua ..
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha
semoga kta dpat teladani pngorbanan Nabi Muhammad SAW dan
Nabi Ibrahim AS dan semoga Allah memberi kita kekuatan dalam
meneladani dua teladan agung ini . 

Dutchess Senoryta Say

Thursday, 20 October 2011


hyep readerss ... xda crta mnarik yg bley dkgsikan ..
just bg korg tgk classmate sy nii haa ..
inilah wajah2 programmer DIP3 S2 hehe,
umm ? ada yg xda dlm pict ni .. sory babe ,
otw g class !
thatz all ..
bye !

Bella Luna ..

Just a lyrics .. i love this song ..

Mystery the moon
A hole in the skyA supernatural nightlight
So full but often right 
A pair of eyes a closing one
A chosen child in golden sun
A marble dog that chases cars
To farthest reaches of the beach and far beyond into the swimming sea of stars

 The cosmic fish they love to kiss
 They're giving birth to constellations 

No riffs and oh no reservation

If they should fall you get a wish or dedication
May I suggest you get the best
For nothing less than you and I
Let's take a chance as this romance is rising over before we lose the lighting
Oh bella bella please
Bella you beautiful luna
Oh bella do what you do
Do do do do do

You are an illuminating anchor
Of leagues to infinite number
Of crashing waves and breaking thunder
Tiding the ebb and flows of hunger
You're dancing naked there for me
You expose all memory
You make the most of boundary
You're the ghost of royalty imposing love
You are the queen and king combining everything
Intertwining like a ring around the finger, of a girl
I'm just a singer, you're the world
All I can bring ya
Is the language of a lover
Bella luna, my beautiful beautiful moon
How you swoon me like no other

May I suggest you get the best
Of your wish may I insist
That no contest for little you or smaller I
A larger chance yet, but all them may lie
On the rise, on the brink of our lives
Bella please
Bella you beautiful luna
Oh bella do what you do
Bella luna
My beautiful beautiful moon
How you swoon me like no other, oh oh oh

Thursday, 11 August 2011

why ?

"we all want to fall in love. Why ?? b'coz that experiene makes us feel compltely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered n we r flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, and hour, an afternoon. But... that doesn't diminish its value. b'coz, we r left wif memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives."  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -  - - -
Love is like a spring that never stops flowing .. When u arrive at this spring, do not rush to drink from it. Stop and rest a while, recover from the long road u hve traveled & the water into your hands like in a cup and bring it to your lips, slowly, do not be afraid that the water will ever dry up. 

The spring of love is inexhaustible. So drink the water of love without haste & grateful recognition. Each of the person who love u is a spring from which you draw, so ... be careful n do not make this spring cloudly (:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The best proof of love is TRUST !
you need to trust your partner
here... some words for you my dear Taqi ,

Love me without fear.. Trust me without wondering.
Love me without restriction. Want me without demand.
Accept me how I am. 
a love like that will be eternal by..

i love you like no one can imagine.. i promise i will stick with you no matter what gonna be happen
til the end of tym, i will always do .. i love you most syg !

Dutchess Senoryta Say

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

eye Liner ~~,

bila da bosan .. mcm mcm bnda la yg mw dibuat 
haritu tym semester break , sy try make up ..
bru lepas dr bndar jua tym tu ..
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
okay ! take a look at my photo 
hehe ^^, 
just ukir2 eyeliner tu kat tepi mata ~~,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

thatz all :) 

hana tajima ..

hrini sy g kuliah ngan style tudung 
"hana tajima" umm ?
1st tym jua ni .. i just try ..
tgok la pic sy ni ..
mcm serabut seja sy rsa .. haha ..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lotud Tradition

halo readers .. just want to share with eu today , bout the costume Dusun Lotud tradition ..

senoryta say

Thursday, 2 June 2011


hari ni ...
me n my family 8 Putatan ...
uma uncle .. 2 hari seja stay cni ,
ptg karang .. blek Tuaran lg ..
cuti kali ni mmg sgat2 bz jenjalan ..
ziarah2 fmly .. window2 shopink ! ;)

senoryta say

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

the truth about love ..

I loved you, and I probably still do,
And for a while the feeling may remain...
But let my love no longer trouble you,
I do not wish to cause you any pain.
I loved you... and the hopelessness I knew,
The jealousy, the shyness – though in vain –
Made up a love so tender and so true
As may God grant you to be loved again
ily so much .. by ..

senoryta say

Saturday, 21 May 2011

semester break !

.. assalamualaikum .. hyep guyss!!
Its been too late for updating this blog. huhu .. nmpak usang da kale , hoho .a lot of work i need to do at home even though the semester break .. so very rarely want to open n update my "pinky" blog .umm .. now, im in semester break .. 2 month 10 days only .. not enough for me .. haha !i still wana hve fun ! enjoy n spend a lot of time wif my lovely family ..during the semester break, we always eat at the restaurant. See the pictures below ..that is, I'm with my family .. very happy wif them ! :)
kon loo mee (masakan cina)
sedap sangat !
nyummy .. :)
my lovely daddy :)
my lovely mummy :)
sedap sangat sup sayur ni ..
uhh .. bila tgok blek .. rasa nak lagiiii !!
my happy family ..
adik .. abg pai .. daddy .. mummy ..
:) very tasteful u know .. slrrpp ...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

i lav diz song babe !

i can see the sadness in your eyes
and every teardrop that you cry
i hope you know it's hard to let you go

the time is here
 i have to say goodbye
i laid my life i’ve seen the light
i hope you know it's hard to let you go

i swear to be the shadow by your side

to be the shining star

to light the darkness of your night
i will survive

in the end
as i cross the line of life and dead

i find my way back in your heart again
and i promise i will stay for ever and a day
the memories remain

i want to be the pillars of your strength

to give you hope until the end
no matter where i will be there
as long as u will let me stay
i'll be with u

no matter when or where
i will be there

i swear to be the shadow by your side
to be the shining starto light the darkness of your night
you will survive
keep me alive

in the end
as i cross the line of life and dead

i find my way back in your heart again
and i promise i will stay for ever and a day
the memories... remain

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu

Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu

Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa

Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu

Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu...


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Final Exam !!!

2day... i was sitting my 1st exm paper.. 
that iz " Discrete Mathematics "
i can answer d question..
4 me, in sem2 .. this subject quite dfcult .. 
x mcm sem1 .. all bout d calculating..
bru syiukk..
Dismath .. Dismath .. Ooh.. Dismath ..
i already stdy hard ..
juz pray 2 Allah ..
TAWAKAL .. wif wat i hve done .. =)

Next week .. on 25 April ..
sitting 4 sbjct " Opereating System "

 then, on 27 April ..
last paper ..
that iz .. " Programming C++ " 

 must stdy ! che ! dont b lazy !! 
do not owez text o on9 !


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

true friEndship

Ellow .. this evening i just want 2 share wif eu bout d friendship.. hmm ... 
hve eu  ever wondered wht d the real essence of the saying "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" is??? People talk bout d true value of friendship actually without knowing wht it stands for. True friendship is d one,  in which d individuals do not have 2 maintain frmalities wif each other. Sharing true friendship is d situation, when d person eu r talking about is counted as 1 among your family mmbers, when d rltion dat eu share wif him O her reaches a stage dat even if eu don't correspond for sometime, your friendship remains unscathed. Best friends need not meet up often to mke sure dat d  frndship remains constant. The TRUST btween best friends is such that if eu falls in trouble, d other will not think twice to help eu guys.. If d bond between two friends is strong, true friends can endure even long distances. True friendship nver fades away. In fact, it grows better wif time. True friendship thrives on trust, inspiration and comfort…
True friends don't desert each other when one is facing trouble. They would face it together n support each other, even if it is against the interests of the other person. True friends r not opportunists. They don't help, bcoz they hve something 2 gain out of it. True friendship is marked by selflessness. Best friends support even each other, even if d whole world opposes them. Its not easy getting true friends for d lifetime. If eu hve even 1 true friend, consider yourself blessed. Remember guys, all best friends r friends, but not all friends can b best friends. In this world of cynics and back stabbers, there r still some people who r worth being friends wif. They hve 2 b recgnized n rspected for being best friends, for the lifetime.

Monday, 11 April 2011

monday morning !

wake up at 9.30 a.m... still feel like s l e e p i n g  ! 

I have to wake up too. getting ready for a bath then get ready to go to the

  Celcom Center..to terminate my roomate broadband. 
Then, after the completion of..we went back to hstel.
seems weather a bit cloudly this morning 
 8 Bandar Kuching ..

i miss u mom )':

really miss my mother. i can't wait embraced in d arms of eu mom.. for six months I was not with eu .. hmm.. very very missed eu mom )': well any way, i must be strong passion for being here. it was become my life as a college student who wants success in life.. Around 8 something.. my mom was call. we talked briefly on the telephone line. my mom ask>> "sda mkn?", "tgah buat apa?" , "cuaca ok x dsna?".. then, my mom said.. "here, the weather is not very good. always rains and strong winds". i worry bout it..hmm.. actually here also, the weather is like that.. my mom reminded me, to tke cre myself & health, final exam soons, DO NOT b LAZY dear. besides, my mom talked about television shows. she told me to watch "Mentor" at 9 pm.. haha .. sempat lg mumy sa bgtau tuh. My mom really never missed watching that show .. then i asked, AF? not watch? she said, AF not really great. watching Mentor is better.  i really miss the momment while watching tv shows wif my family .. and talked wif them )': sob..sob.. cant wait to b back at my "Home Sweet Home" ..

addict !!

 i love CAMERA..babe. hee =D 
everywhere..anywhere, i always ready to                                               
snap ! snap ! snap !                                
till d mmry FULL wif my photo
ha ! i love it !

just a lyrics !

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much

I can see the first leafs falling
It's all yellow and nice
It's so very cold outside
Like the way I'm feeling inside

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much

Outside it's no raining
And tears are falling from my eyes
Why did it have to happen
Why did it all have to end

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much

I have your arms around me
Warm like fire
But when I open my eyes......
Your gone

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much
I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing
If u leave me
But I do
Feel I will
Miss u much
miss u much 

i love so much this song !  

i love you

I could say I love you
But I would be lying
I could say I hate you
But that wouldn't be true
I could say anything I wanted too
With out you knowing the truth
I could play with your heart
But that wouldn't be right
I could lie to you about the real me
But I see no point
I can do anything I want
Except have you
We are just friends
Maybe someday we can be more
But for right now
Here's the truth
I will never lie to you